What is Minimalism and How Can it Save the World?

What is Minimalism?

Minimalism. You’ve probably heard of it before, because it’s becoming one of those mainstream buzzwords, like mindfulness, yoga and zero waste. Minimalism is the practice of letting go of the things in your life that aren’t in harmony with what is important to you.

I know minimalism turns off a lot of people because it seems too extreme. It brings to mind barren houses and people that wear the same bland outfit every day. But minimalism isn’t about how much stuff you do or do not have. There’s no magic number of things you’re allowed to have if you want to practice a minimalist lifestyle. It just means being mindful of the things that you do let into your life.

I started my journey into minimalism in 2015. The idea immediately appealed to me, since I’ve never been a fan of clutter (just ask my family. Growing up, if anything ever went missing, everyone always assumed I went on a cleaning spree and somehow got rid of it. Whoops!). So, the idea of having like….no clutter? Heck yeah, sign me up! I began minimalizing right away and have been living a minimalist life ever since.

How Can It Save the World?

Minimalism is actually what ended up bringing me ultimately to Zero Waste and living more environmentally friendly. How so, you may ask? When you consciously focus on the things that you let into your life, you let less into your life. That results in less waste.

Clothing is a great example of this. A minimalist wardrobe would include a select few quality items that will last you years and that you could mix and match to make a variety of outfits. A minimalist wardrobe reduces your need to keep up with fast fashion and buy new pieces of clothing every season, only to throw out the old clothes the next year. Buying less reduces the amount of clothing being produced which helps the environment because less resources are being wasted. Less land and water are being wasted to produce the resources to make the cloth. Less pollution occurs in the process of making the clothing. And less clothing is inundating the market and filling landfills. Did you know approximately 10.5 million tons of textile waste is sent to landfills yearly? Consuming less equals wasting less.

How Minimalism Will Change Your Life

How Can Minimalism Positively Change Your Life?

Minimalism has had a dramatic impact on my life in so many ways! Here are a few ways minimalism can positively impact your life:

  • A less cluttered mind because your surroundings are less cluttered
  • More free time because you won’t spend as much time cleaning, organizing and maintaining the things you own
  • Save money because you’ll be more conscious of what you buy and let into your home
  • More environmentally conscious and produce less waste
  • More focused in life
  • Calmer and more peaceful at home

Have you ever thought of attempting a more minimalist lifestyle? How has minimalism helped you be more environmentally conscious?

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