Here’s a little story…

Let me set the stage for you: I’m six months in to this becoming a mom gig, with a sweet wonderful little girl, and my sweet, wonderful little girl is C-R-A-N-K-Y. Like, “Don’t you dare put me down or I will scream until I am back on my wonderful throne that some refer to as your hip,” cranky. I walk towards the door to attempt implementing one of the only surefire ways to calm her down: being outside. I open the door and BAM! My nose fills with the smell of smoke and my eyes begin to water.

I live in California. And its summer, which means fire season…again (though, is it ever not fire season here anymore?). So, this same scenario repeats itself for the next two weeks, and me and my baby are stuck inside, miserable, with cabin fever in some of what should be the best months of the year. And the thought hits me: “What if things don’t get better?”

I thought about how each year in California, there seems to be more and bigger fires (sidenote: a HUGE thanks to all of our firefighters out there who keep us safe!). What if that trend continues? I thought of other areas in the United States that have been dealing with hurricanes and other natural disasters. What if those get worse? And that’s just in my country. Natural disasters seem to be striking every part of the globe. If things don’t get better, what will it be like by the time my daughter is an adult?

I’m going to insert a piece of information about myself here now. I LOVE the outdoors. Yellowstone feels like home to me, while my actual home feels like our home away from home. I feel more in love with my husband when we’re hiking, more in tune with myself sitting under a tree, and more alive and happy sitting by the ocean or on a mountaintop feeling the breeze against my face.

Our first trip to Yellowstone in 2013! We’ve been 4 times so far and can’t wait to bring Waste Not Mini

So, these questions hurt me deeply. To think that my posterity might never get to enjoy the outdoors the way I have, hurts me. To think of what kind of life they could end up with if things don’t change, kills me. So, I resolved to change.

I began studying environmental concerns. The more I learned, the more strongly I began to feel that the biggest problem the planet is facing right now is that we are living unsustainably. We are using resources at a rapid pace and creating a massive amount of waste in the process. This system of living is putting immense pressure on our planet and contributing to global climate change, leading to these natural disasters.

But How Can One Person Make a Difference?

What am I supposed to do about all of that? I’m just one person. Well, I feel like Mahatma Gandhi summed it up well when he said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

So, it’s time to be the change. As a family, we are committing to live more sustainably. As an individual, I can make a difference right now with these lifestyle changes, and as a mother, I believe I can help shape and influence the future generations by teaching my daughter to live sustainably as well. I’ll be looking at each aspect of our life and making small steady changes so that we can live more in harmony with a sustainable life. To support these changes, I will be using Zero Waste practices, as well as a Minimalist approach.

Hiking literally EVERY chance we get! One of our first hikes with Waste Not Mini (hiding under the carrier hood) at Lake Tahoe

And because these are changes that I wish to see in the world, I want to share my progress in hopes that I can help support and inspire other mothers in living more sustainably too. As mothers, we have a lot on our plates, so taking steps to help the environment might feel daunting. But with this blog I hope to change that by:

  • Tackling questions that come with living a sustainable lifestyle in a family setting
  • Providing zero waste, minimalist and sustainable solutions for the family
  • Creating resources that will help teach our children to care for and love this planet
  • Focusing on making sustainable living affordable (and even cheaper in many cases!)
  • And simplifying zero waste and sustainable practices so they are achievable for even the busiest of moms!

I am not an expert in sustainability, zero waste, or minimalism (yet, anyways!). I’m a regular person, just like you, that wants to give my child the world by saving the world. If this sounds like you, feel free to subscribe below! I’d love to hear from you along the way! Email me at desiree@wastenotmama.com and let me know what changes you’re making in your life, what you’re struggling with, tips and tricks that work for you, etc. We’re in this together, because it’s going to take a team to be the change we want to see!